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The Right Solution in Time

DiMS offers a comprehensive web-based system for your day-to-day
operation which allows you to access and monitor your center's performance anytime and anywhere by just "a click" away.

Patient Module

The patient module allows adding personal information of the patient in the patient dashboard. The module adds a tab
to the patient dashboard to manage the patient appointment schedule and detail patient biodata including medical history and payer information.

Clinical Module

Our range of clinical applications can help you securely store, access, update and manage this critical patient clinical data.
It will be a better outcome for both you and your patients as Nephrologists can monitor and give consultancy and diagnostic from medication to referrals.

Billing Module

Allows the account manager to make accurate, quickly and consistent about where to direct charges accordingly during the completion of treatment. With the DiMS
system it will centralize information and integrates with other systems and the pieces come together to support billing accuracy.

Asset Module

These solutions enable managers to better organize, evaluate and develop an accurate understanding of their dialysis asset
and equipments activities and maintenance history. A specialized suite of modules has been specifically designed and allows for the
storage and tracking of asset information, pertaining to any and all maintained assets.

Inventory Module

This easy stock management software provides many intuitive ways of managing, tracking and correcting your stock. With this stock
management software you can regularly track and correct your physical stock to match with your database

Accounting Module

Accounting module will records and processes accounting transaction within functional modules such as account receivable, journal, general ledger,
payment receipt, patient statement and payment reconciliation

Reports Module

The Reporting Module was designed to provide a feature-rich and user-friendly web interface for managing reports within modules.
In addition, the Reporting Module provides a flexible and extensible API that user can develop against to build their own reports and tools.

Welcome to Our Dialysis Management System

DiMS-Dialysis Management System specializes in the operational management of Dialysis Centers. The automated web-based system created by DiMS comprises of a dynamic operation modules according to Ministry of Health's procedures and regulations as well as sponsoring organisations. DiMS offers a comprehensive dialysis management solution, to assist and support dialysis centers to the optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Featured Services

DiMS management outsourcing, "everything you need for your dialysis center operation". DiMS provides a simple and comprehensive web-based support to ensure your smooth flow of operation. Let us work for you.

Dialysis Centre

Asset Management Provider

DiMS Tech® Asset Manager

Generally, DiMS asset management consists of the activities and practices to track the work of a company’s assets and effectively using those assets to gain value.
When strategic asset management processes are put in place, businesses can see benefits like all equipment performing as intended, lower operating costs, and a higher ROI on their assets.

DiMS Maintenance Management
With DiMS Maintenance Management, a better track your business’s resources such as labor, materials, and equipment as well as contractor. Using this important information, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to creating improvements in your maintenance management process.
Using DiMS for your maintenance management ensures that your company equipment will remain in top working order at all times, thus preventing unexpected repairs and operational downtime.

Why we should used DiMS Software
Maintenance management helps to guide the physical performance of maintenance equipment and activities efficiently, while asset management helps to analyze all the data for the work needed to perform on the assets themselves.
Both maintenance management and asset management are necessary and valuable for every dialysis center industries. Both practices can help maintenance managers come to better, more informed decisions in the day-to-day business practices.


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