Dialysis Funding

Dialysis Funding

More than 82% patients with kidney failure are relying on sponsorship to take care of their dialysis care expenses that are not covered by insurance. Typical expenses include the cost of dialysis, EPO injection, and transportation to and from dialysis; over-the-counter medicines; co-payments; and other needs.

There is Organization. NGO and government provide small grants to help people with these costs. They currently are able to provide a maximum grant of $200 per HD treatment and $80 for EPO Injection to financially qualified individuals.

Normally when patient is unaffordablefor their treatment-related expenses, the dialysis center may be able to help. Patients who demonstrate financial need may apply for assistance through funding grant programs.

Some available funding organization is as below

- Perkeso
- Jhev
- Majlis Agama Islam
- Zakat
- Baitulmal