Asset Management System

Generally, DiMS asset management consists of the activities and practices to track the work of a company’s assets and effectively using those assets to gain value.
When strategic asset management processes are put in place, businesses can see benefits like all equipment performing as intended, lower operating costs, and a higher ROI on their assets.

With DiMS Maintenance Management, a better track your business’s resources such as labor, materials, and equipment as well as contractor. Using this important information, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to creating improvements in your maintenance management process.
Using DiMS for your maintenance management ensures that your company equipment will remain in top working order at all times, thus preventing unexpected repairs and operational downtime.

Why we should used DiMS Asset Management System

Maintenance management helps to guide the physical performance of maintenance equipment and activities efficiently, while asset management helps to analyze all the data for the work needed to perform on the assets themselves.
Both maintenance management and asset management are necessary and valuable for every dialysis center industries. Both practices can help maintenance managers come to better, more informed decisions in the day-to-day business practices.

Taking asset inventory is now at ease

Still tracking and managing your assets in a spreadsheet? Why not start by tagging your assets with barcodes and complete your periodic audit at ease and have a complete history of each movement of the assets.

Track your repair and maintenance history

Tracking the history of costing coupled with the itemized list of asset repair & maintenance are now made easy with Asset Manager. Each repair and maintenance movement would allow the users to record its data in accordance to its itemized billing that could be retrieved at anytime for cost analysis activities.

Up-to-date Data

Track every movement of the assets throughout the year simply by scanning the location, asset number and its custodian. Asset Manager makes it easy to stay up-to-date even up to the attached files for every movement.

Say Goodbye to paperwork

Start scans barcodes using either portable barcode scanner or perhaps your Android devices i.e. phone. Sync the data back to the server and run reports. No more tallying up paperwork and spreadsheet with Asset Manager.

Are you ready for audits?

Auditing made easy by allowing users to scan barcodes of asset number for each location and to produce a comprehensive report showing the additional or missing assets in each scan location. Last known custodian and location information are also included in the report shall the users wanted to use the list as an Action List.

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate Records

    Accurately record labor, related cost and material usage incurred during work

  • Compare Work Results

    Compare work results to your dialysis centre’s set standards for efficiency

  • Facilitate Workflow

    Automate your workflow process as per your organization rules. Enter data once for all assets, dialysis centre(s) and user access.

  • Custom Preventive Maintenance

    Define custom Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM) for each asset type or specific inventory items

  • Manage Work Requests

    Configure work flow for work requests and use to create work orders

  • Plans to Work Orders

    Seamlessly move work from work request, problem reports and PMs to actual work orders

  • Assign Work Orders

    Easily assign priorities, technicians and or specific employees to work orders and graphically schedule work orders

Asset Manager Service Center

Asset Manager operates a Customer Service Centre that is operational on a 12/7 (8am-8pm) basis

Asset Manager can provide all the skilled service team from a selected reputable company a client may require, from one single reliable source. And has at its disposal, highly skilled, time served and directly appointed service team throughout our operational area.

We understand the importance of providing a responsive and communicative customer contact centre, which is the key to being able to deliver the quality and service demanded by our clients.

Scope of Service

• We carry out inspection of facilities on regular basis and following good maintenance practice that will ensure optimum equipment usage, system efficiency and lower cost that can result in extended equipment life.

• We provide responsive service round the clock with expertise and technology thus ensuring minimum interruption on daily routine.

The following are some of the machine and equipments that we provide services for dialysis centre:

        • Corrective
        • PPM
        • Performance Testing
        • Water Test Monitoring
        • Corrective
        • PPM
        • Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • HD Machine
        • Corrective
        • PPM
        • Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Weighing Scale
        • Calibration
        • Corrective

Scope of Maintenance

It is important to develop a routine maintenance schedule for your dialysis machines and equipments. Having a routine schedule for checking critical components and devices in the equipments will increase the longevity and more importantly, it will help reduce future problems. Set up the schedule based on a monthly or quarterly time period, depending on the item to be done.

The following are some of the items you may want to consider in your maintenance schedule:

Pro Active Maintenance

• Involves usage of specialized works and equipments to identify, repair and solve equipment problems at early stage.

Preventive Maintenance

• Involves maintenance works performed on time schedule which includes inspections, servicing and cleaning.

Predictive Maintenance

• Involves early detection of existing conditions and possible happenings before equipment break down.

Corrective Maintenance

• Involves repair works due to equipment or machinery breakdown.

Dialysis Machine Renting


We provide hemodialysis machine, reprocesser and other related equipments for dialysis center to lease or renting.

Our Goals

Our Goal is to provide quality machines and equipments to small and medium sized business. We specialize in supplying, leasing and maintained dialysis equipment for your dialysis centre needs by adopting DiMS Asset Management System for optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Guaranteed Approval

Whether you are a startup, small business, or established dialysis Centre Company. We offer a wide range of affordable dialysis machine to lease or renting.

Service Team

Highly skilled and dedicated service team is available throughout our operational area. When it comes to machine leasing and machine service we know it's important to have a reliable support team.

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