Direct Lab

Managing data direct from blood Labs, Water Labs and HD machine. We are able to integrate DiMS with any external operating system managed by water test provider or blood test provider without jeopardizing their system integrity.

  • Online Blood Test Results

    Receive integration data directly from labs. See patient's blood test data in the DiMS record defined by the managing lab.

  • Online Water Test Results

    Receive integration data directly from labs. See patient's water test data in the DiMS record defined by the managing lab.

  • Online HD-Machine Data

    Receive integration data directly from HD-Machine. See HD-machine's measurement data in the DiMS record defined by the medical doctor.

  • Reduce data entry

    Ban scanning at your practice - direct results populate right into your EMR, saving you and your staff time spent on scanning an uploading.

  • Follow up with patients seamlessly

    If a result is unusual, follow up with patients with a click - straight from your results inbox.

  • Share results with collaborating caregivers and physicians

    Give collaborating colleagues and caregivers the context needed to provide the best patient care possible.

Referral & Collaborations

Managing clinical data and referral for collaborations are more easy.

Collaborate with colleagues, and improve outcomes

Whether you’re sending a referral, or working with a colleague on a complex case,
share key records and improve the patient experience.

  • Generate a referral letter in a few clicks

    Banish double entry. Use templates to generate referral letters and reports in a few clicks, instead of rewriting key information.

  • Securely share key records with care team members

    Provide greater context to members of a patient’s care team by securely sharing key information with them.

  • Manage Outgoing Referrals Effectively

    Track and manage different outgoing referrals - know where patients have been referred, rescind access to records if needed, and follow up on your patient’s progress.

  • Monitor and manage incoming referrals

    Understand what channels, partners, and providers are bringing patients to your practice. Choose which channels to invest in.

Scope of Maintenance

It is important to develop a routine maintenance schedule for your dialysis machines and equipments. Having a routine schedule for checking critical components and devices in the equipments will increase the longevity and more importantly, it will help reduce future problems. Set up the schedule based on a monthly or quarterly time period, depending on the item to be done.

The following are some of the items you may want to consider in your maintenance schedule:

Pro Active Maintenance

• Involves usage of specialized works and equipments to identify, repair and solve equipment problems at early stage.

Preventive Maintenance

• Involves maintenance works performed on time schedule which includes inspections, servicing and cleaning.

Predictive Maintenance

• Involves early detection of existing conditions and possible happenings before equipment break down.

Corrective Maintenance

• Involves repair works due to equipment or machinery breakdown.

Dialysis Machine Renting


We provide hemodialysis machine, reprocesser and other related equipments for dialysis center to lease or renting.

Our Goals

Our Goal is to provide quality machines and equipments to small and medium sized business. We specialize in supplying, leasing and maintained dialysis equipment for your dialysis centre needs by adopting DiMS Asset Management System for optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Guaranteed Approval

Whether you are a startup, small business, or established dialysis Centre Company. We offer a wide range of affordable dialysis machine to lease or renting.

Service Team

Highly skilled and dedicated service team is available throughout our operational area. When it comes to machine leasing and machine service we know it's important to have a reliable support team.

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