About DiMS

DiMS® provides private dialysis centers with an online dialysis management system synchronized with health authority requirements. Patient information, such as physical profiles, medical history, prescription records and billing, can be stored in a secure repository for quick retrieval, thereby paving the way to a territory-wide medical records system-EMR. We are committed to providing best-in-class technologies that empower healthcare organizations to achieve greater efficiency and provide frontline practitioners with instant

Whether the dialysis centre may be smaller in comparison to others but the concept behind its simplicity leads the way towards healthcare trends in the future – efficient, accessible and cost-effective. As such, its objective is to provide a dialysis with an effective operation system at excellent value, and to be the preferred choice for dialysis centre operators.

DiMS® ensure that the dialysis centers have a maximum amount of monitoring on their daily clinical operation, increasing the integrity besides moving towards paperless organization.

One of the Best and Most Accepted Dialysis Management Systems

  • The medical professionals can automate various day-to-day administrative and management tasks of their medical offices. Keeping a constant track of aspects such as, patients’ appointments and scheduling, billing and claim, drugs and inventory, asset maintenance etc would now just be a click away.

  • DiMS® dialysis management system comes with a set of unique features and application modules that empower the dialysis center owners and medical professionals to manage their respective dialysis center units optimally.

  • The need for such a dialysis management system cannot be stressed more, citing the amount of time and money they save in the process of handling a plethora of clinic related activities. Our DiMS® dialysis management system ensures that the medical practitioners focus on their primary objectives of providing timely and quality medical treatment to the patients in an unhindered manner.

  • DiMS® performs strict processes according to the regulation and requirements set by the Ministry of Health and Funding Organizations. DiMS® helps dialysis centre operators to generate data according to these sets of requirements.