Patient Appointment

Improve the patient experience from online appointment reminders and recalls. make it easier for patients to come for their first visit and follow up.

Scheduling that saves you time

  • Intuitive

    Making appointments in DiMS is easy - just point and click. DiMS stays simple and easy to use, even if your clinic grows into multiple rooms, providers, or locations.

  • Accessible

    Access DiMS from a computer or mobile. Sync DiMS’s “Appointments” with the calendaring system of your choice - access your appointments as and when you need.

  • Productive

    Automate scheduling by repeating appointments, copy/pasting, and setting programmatic scheduling rules. Use online appointment booking to automate your scheduling.

  • Configurable

    Make scheduling smarter - manage multiple providers, calendars, and locations easily. Choose your own appointment workflows.

Patient-centric appointment management

Put patients at the centre of your scheduling, and improve the practice-patient relationship.

  • Improve the patient experience

    From online appointment booking, to appointment reminders and recalls, make it easier for patients to come for their first visit and follow up.

  • Use automated reminders to increase patient retention

    Send a day’s worth of appointment reminders in a click. Automatically generate patient-specific recalls that help patients schedule follow ups.

  • Automate scheduling with online appointment booking

    Reduce scheduling back and forth with online appointment booking. Reduce admin work for your front desk, and encourage them to focus on patients.

  • Ensure attendance with smart scheduling and cancellation fees

    Set rules for your online appointment calendar - you can block time slots and choose certain days for appointment booking. Use optional cancellation fees to protect your time.

Online Treatment and Clinical Record

Do everything you need to process a patient on one page. Highlight key details with formatting and pinning.Complete documentation while staying focussed on your patient.

Comprehensive Treatment

Daily clinical treatment reports are essential to managing your operations.

  • Online HD

    Real time dialysis treatment in a single page by clicking a simple button.

  • Treatment Record

    DiMS’s flexible, interactive reports let you generate the data you need - fast. Export to print, backdate reports, or filter by key categories.

  • Complication

    No matter what complications your patients have, DiMS’s extensive reporting has what you need to automatically track the nursing note and treatment records.

  • Intra HD Medication

    Treatment often requires multiple intra HD-Medication. Help patients complete their care by sending automated data with a link for medical records and billing.