DiMS Dialysis Clinic's Operating System

Your clinic management software drives your clinic's opperations and patient experience Shift from a CMS to an OS. DiMS ensures that the dialysis centers have maximum amount of monitoring on their daily clinical operation, increasing the integrity of the clinical operation besides moving towards paperless organization.

Automate the work of one person at your practice

Why do admin work, DiMS can finish for you? Run a fully automated front desk - or simply reduce work for your team. Receive results and share notes seamlessly. Increase the impact of your time by reducing your admin work.

Finally, an EMR to love

You’re the expert on how your notes should look and be organized. Create notes, your way - write and type. Organize notes your way. DiMS’s EMR is integrated - seamlessly share key information to colleagues with a click and receive key results right in your EMR.

One Platform for all your needs

Manage and grow your practice by adding new locations and providers seamlessly. Integrate key software into DiMS - link direct lab data for blood test, water test and HD machine measurement. Extend your practice online by offering virtual consults using DiMSConnect. Monitor your performance using Custom Analytics.

Keep your schedule filled

A thriving practice starts with a full schedule.

  • A schedule that grows with you

    Build your practice by adding new patients and clinic locations easily - and enable your clinic staff to book appointments centrally.

  • Improve follow up with reminders and recalls

    Send personalized reminders and recalls to patients, making it easier for them to complete their follow-up dialysis treatment.

  • Manage multiple resources effectively

    Book multiple resources with a click - ensure that each patient has the room, device, and slot scheduled for their visit.

  • Automate work with online appointment booking

    Online appointment booking is not only patient centric - it automates scheduling work for your team.

DiMS Dialysis Clinic's Operating System

Your clinic Management software drives your clinic's opperations and patient experience shift from a CMS to an OS

Integrated EMR - Your Single Source of Truth

Manage medical records and patient care from one place - DiMS.

  • Create notes, your way

    Write, type, and even use remarks to text to create notes comfortably. Organize your notes, your way.

  • An EMR that keeps you focused

    Do everything you need to process a patient on one page. Highlight key details with formatting and pinning. Complete documentation while staying focused on your patient.

  • Automate work with DiMS’s Integrated EMR

    Receive results directly to your EMR and save your staff hours of time - no more scanning and uploading.

  • Improve patient care outcomes with notes sharing

    Sharing notes improves patient adherence to care plans by 60-70%. Securely share lab results, summaries, and key notes with colleagues, patients, and/or caregivers.

Count on DiMS’s CMS

Let your clinic software cut through the complexity of billing, while your team focuses on patient care.

  • Everyday transactions, made easy

    Dialysis clinic billing can be complex - but it doesn’t have to be. From standard everyday transactions, to credit notes and packages, DiMS is extensive while still being easy to use.

  • Manage Third Party Payors effectively

    Manage Corporate, insurance, hospital and TPA billing through DiMS. Cover the full third party payor cycle in your DiMS clinic software, and ensure every bill gets paid.

  • Billing that improves your cash flow

    Your billing workflows impact your cash flow. Reduce risk by helping patients plan their treatment with upfront packages, or by giving them a quotation so they can visualize treatment costs.

  • Highly configurable billing workflows

    DiMS gives you a toolbox of different solutions to make billing easy - from invoice configuration and access restrictions, to the integrated DiMSPay Terminal, choose the billing workflow that works for you.


A Comprehensive Dialysis Solution

Managing multiple locations of dialysis centers is not a problem anymore. With user roles, admin can access to any center and monitor their operation activity via online.