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Optimized Dialysis Center Operating System

Feel the differences! We make simple & blazing fast

  •   Pre-installed and Ready Use Application
  •   Speed: Built with SSD + NGNIX (http/2 supported)
  •   Powerful Tools: Server Caching, Daily Backups, CDN

Transforming Into Paperless Dialysis Center!

Work Environment With Users Minimal Physical Paper Instead Uses Primarily Digital Documents

  •   Less time spent on filing, organising and searching documents
  •   Can find files at the click of a button
  •    l-organised digital filing cabinet where all your documents live

Need to run with full modules?

Get A Complete Modules For Your Dialysis Centers

  •   Patient Module
  •   Clinical Module
  •   Billing Module
  •   Maintenance Module
  •   Inventory Module
  •   Finance Module
  •   Report Module
  •   CQA Report
  •   Data Integration

Affordable Dialysis Center Applications

Start using DiMS Dialysis Center Operating System Online! we Setup In Just 2 Hours !

  •    Generate user account on any devices
  •    Upload existing Patient data
  •   Upload existing Asset data
  •   You are ready to use and start treatments

Asset Manager : Headache Free For Maintenance Job!

Get Asset Manager To Handle Your Maintenance Works

  •    Centralise Maintenance Support Center
  •    Track your repairs and maintenance history
  •   Say goodbye to paperworks
  •   Monitor work request, work order and PPM

DiMS - Dialysis Management System

DiMS specializes in the operational management of Dialysis Centers. The automated web-based system created by DiMS comprises dynamic operation modules according to Ministry of Health's procedures and regulations as well as sponsoring organisations. DiMS offers a complete module, to assist and support dialysis centers to the optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Featured Services

DiMS management outsourcing, "everything you need for your dialysis center operation". We provide a simple and comprehensive software solution to ensure your smooth flow of operation. "Let Us Work For You".

Why Choose DiMS As Your Dialysis Operating System Provider

365 Days with Local Support

We’re available to you either by phone, helpdesk, whatsapp or email during your operation hours everyday, with local support team.

DiMS Secure and Reliability

DiMS uses AES-256 encryption and SSL certificates to keep your data protected. Whether your data is in-flight or at-rest, DiMS ensures that it's secure.

Maintain Multiple Backups

DiMS maintains multiple backups of your data in the cloud. You can also download and hold a copy of your data, giving you peace of mind.

Robusts Access Controls

The access controls your clinic sets are a key part of your security-ensure that your users are only able to access what they need to complete their work.

DiMS Software Quality Accreditation

The primary goal of the DiMS (Dialysis Management System) application is to maximise patient well being by providing a high quality treatment process in a safe environment. We dedicate ourselves to continuous quality improvement to help ensure that we will provide the highest quality process today and in the future.

DiMS has implemented the structure and process to accomplish this goal. The DiMS program is built around the principles contained in the MSQH (Malaysian Society For Quality Health), MOH (Ministry of Health) and NRR(National Renal Registry)